My Dream Workspace

May 12, 2006 10:01 AM

I've been drooling over the following photo of a workspace from Better Homes and Gardens Special Edition Storage magazine for some time (so much in fact that the back cover just fell off!).

This is my dream workspace. I used to dream of a big wooden desk with return and file drawers, in fact I bought it and use it now. But you know what? I like this better. Why? Because you can close the doors. I am a messy person... not super-messy - I don't need CleanSweep to drop by just yet (although I wouldn't say no) - but I like to stack things in piles, stick post-it notes to my monitor and have a big in-box.

This workspace lets you close the doors and pretend that you don't have a big mess on the other side. Craig has promised to build me this dream closet in the "new" house (whenever we get our new house). I convinced him that he didn't really want to see all my craft supplies everywhere and that closing the doors would be a great idea!

Anyway, take a look, drool with me and build it if you want. Just let me know if you do so that I can pop over and drool in person!

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