Innovation in Family History Software

Nov 1, 2006 9:10 PM

Its nice to know that there is still some innovation in family history software. Yesterday I received a press release from Rootsmagic Inc (the company that puts out the Rootsmagic program) about a new software product called Family Atlas.

This program creates family maps by plotting locations from your genealogy program (most programs are supported). You can select places by event or ancestor as well as mark them by hand. You can also use the program like a gazetteer and with 3.5 million places it looks like you will almost always be able to find the right place. Border and boundary changes are also shown (something really important if your ancestors are from the US or Continental Europe).

Too bad there isn't a trial version. I'm still looking for hubby's great-grandparents birthplaces in Poland: Wilcziska, Schedletz and Andreaspol, Sulsfield, Petergow (and if you know where these places are, please drop me a line).

Anyway, I'm hoping that we'll hear more about Family Atlas soon and maybe even more from Rootsmagic (I'm still waiting for a version of Personal Historian that will import citations from your genealogy program - aren't we all about citing our sources!).

To read more about Family Atlas see

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