WIP: Hexacomb Cardigan - Frogging

Mar 12, 2008 12:33 PM

I was pretty exciting about finishing the body of this cardigan and working on the sleeves. However, along the way, something odd happened with the pattern. Basically the pattern called for 7 rows of garter stitch, followed by 6 repeats of 10 rows (an increase row with 9 st st rows) for a total of 67 rows. At the gauge specified (4"=28 rows, 1"=7 rows) this should have meant that the length would be 9 1/2 inches before doing the armhole shaping.

Instead, the pattern said to carry on straight until the whole piece measured 8". Hey, wait a minute 8" was several rows ago. What was going on? I posted to Ravelry.com and it was suggested to just start the armhole shaping at this point which I did and completed the sleeve. But it turned way too long and was tight because the increases were done too high up the sleeve.

So I am frogging it and reknitting at the same time. I have decided to reduce the 10 row repeat to just 8 rows, this will give me the same amount of stitches overall, with increases occurring earlier (making the sleeve wider sooner) and reducing the sleeve by 12 rows (approximately 1 1/2 inches). I am hoping this will do the trick and will post once the sleeves (or at least one of them is inset).

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