New Toy

May 5, 2008 9:20 PM

Meet my new toy. It's not here yet but was shipped today. I'm finally going desk-topless with a 250GB hard drive in this toy (my current desktop is so old it's just used as a file server). I'm hoping this will be big enough to last 12-18 months when I'll probably want a new one :) although I can always use an external hard drive if I need extra space, in addition to the one I use for my backups.

I'm still considering the Apple Airport Extreme as a print and USB hard drive (for backups) server but will see whether I can manage without for the time being.

Why didn't I buy a Mac? Well for $669 I could get the same spec in a PC as a $1299 Mac. I can't justify that decision right now. So a PC it is.

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