6 Random Things About Me

Aug 17, 2008 10:28 AM

I've been tagged by Stay At Home in Surburbia to post 6 random things about me. So here goes:

  1. I love to play clarinet/bass clarinet in band/orchestra.  I haven't done this for a few years (since we moved from Vancouver) where I played in the BC Regiment Marching Band.  I gave up clarinet on the birth of baby #1 as the noise made her cry :(
  2. I am a gadget geek.  I love electronic gadgets!  Palm handhelds, digital cameras, ipods, and now my new digital camcorder.  But yet I still don't know how to work the TV, VCR, DVD player or Satellite Receiver?  Something to do with boring or uncool?
  3. I subscribe to the following magazines: The Pastel Journal, Creating Keepsakes, Digital Scrapbooking, Simple Scrapbook, Interweave Knitting, Project Management Network, Rangefinder, Photoshop Elements Techniques, National Geographic.  I'm not sure when I get time to read them all!
  4. I don't buy a lot of clothes or shoes.  While my sister and mum are clothes-horses (my sister has a degree in fashion design and is also a buyer for a larger clothing retailer and designs clothes too), I generally go clothes shopping twice a year and buy a ton of stuff so I don't have to go back again for another 6 months or so.  I'm not sure why I'm so adverse to clothes shopping.  Maybe because I don't have any girlfriends to shop with for a second opinion?  Or maybe because nothing fits in this country where 0 is actually a size (yes, in Britain sizes start at 6 or 8)?
  5. I have had more than my 15 minutes of fame.  I was in the newspaper as a kid when our dog one two firsts at Crufts, on the radio at 16 whining about the new high school exams that we were guinea-pigged to take and published last year in Internet Genealogy magazine.
  6. I am a great organizer when it comes to other peoples stuff.  I love to watch "Neat" and surf the internet for organizing tips, and love helping people get organized.  But when it comes to my own stuff, it's a mess.  If you need help organizing let me know, but you'll have to come over to my place and help me organize!

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