Spinning up a storm [Studio M]

Feb 25, 2013 8:47 PM

I've been busy with my spinning wheel in the past couple of weeks. I'm churning out yarn so fast I don't know how I'll keep up with knitting it!

First off, this one I call Zebra:

Then a blend I made on my blender/drum carder from some yellow and red fibre I had kicking around, I call this one Firestar:

Next we have Peacock, this was the January colour way from Spunky Eclectic. This was my first attempt at fractal spinning. 

Then an unknown fibre given to me by a member of the spinning guild:

These all need washing/setting before I measure the yardage and weight.

Then I washed a good portion of my BFLxRomney/Cotswold cross. This was very exciting and scary at the same time! It's incredible how quickly the dirt comes off and how white the fleece turns. It takes quite a while for the fleece to dry, I've figured that it is quicker if I take it out of the mesh bag that I use to wash it in, spreading it out to dry. The locks are so cute and curly - I feel like the sheep are distant kin to my curly-self - and I think it'll be a shame to drum card these curls so I might "spin from the lock" with this fleece.

I have a spin in on Saturday in Kamloops so I need to decide what I'm doing and prepare for my first spinning event which should be a lot of fun!

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