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Apr 13, 2014

Gallery representation {Marina Garrison Blog}

Just to let my art fans know you can now purchase original artworks via Ballantyne Gallery, an online art gallery that sells original art from British Columbia artists. They have several of my works listed. If you are interested in a piece that they don't have, please contact me directly.

South Kelowna Vista 19x26 Pastel Painting


Dec 8, 2013

Winter Scenes {Studio M}

The snow is now on the ground here in Kelowna. It'll probably be here until Spring now (today it was -13C).  In the spirit of Winter, I have entered two of my Winter paintings into the Winter Scenes contest.

I am not sure why I love painting the snow so much, perhaps it is the challenge of painting something that is white but really isn't? I love the idea that the snow takes on the colour of the things around it as it is a reflective surface similar to a body of water.

I have both of these pictures hung in my hallway at home as I love the colours (blues and purples).

I would love if you could vote for one or both of my pieces (click the title or picture to vote)
Pastel on paper

"Snow Scene"
Pastel on paper

Both paintings are available for sale as originals (directly from me) or as prints or cards through


Sep 8, 2013

How to create a collage in Lightroom 5 Video Tutorial

One of the most popular posts on my site is a post I made a couple of years back on creating a photo collage in Lightroom. At the time the instructions given were for Lightroom 3 but I've recently updated them to the new Lightroom 5.

In addition I have created a new video tutorial showing how to do this. I'm hopeful the video tutorial will prove just as useful and popular as the written instructions have been.  If you think it is, I'd love if you could leave me a comment either here or on the YouTube page and I'll make some more.



Aug 30, 2013

Sisters with attitude

P1020150.jpg, a photo by Marina Garrison on Flickr.
The problem with having a big sister is that she is there to help you develop your attitude...


Mar 31, 2013

First Geocache

J has the spirit of a pirate, he loves the chase and when I mentioned the idea of a real live treasure hunt ( he nagged me until I took him hiking to the closest geocache to our house 0.5 km away.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, you can go to the website or download the app to find the closest geocaches to you. There are 2 million of them worldwide, 423 in Kelowna and 3 within 0.5km of our house.

The idea is you use a map/compass (or the cell phone app) to locate the geocache, usually a canister with a notepad and pen (to record you name/date) and sometimes have mini prizes for kids to trade.

After we got back K wanted to go to, so I had to take her too. I am one worn out mom today!