Adventures in Spinning

Dec 29, 2012 5:15 PM

Drop spindling while fun turns out not to be as fun as spinning on a wheel (IMHO). I had been coveting a spinning wheel all year and decided to purchase one for Christmas and join the local spinning group (Ponderosa Spinners and Weavers).

I decided on a Lendrum wheel after seeing Jacey Boggs use hers in her new DVD Textured Spinning. I got the plying head/bobbin and the fast flyer as a set with the double treadle wheel. The wheel came with 3 extra bobbins on a lazy kate, in addition to the bobbin included on the regular flyer.

It has gotten quite a bit of use in the less than 3 weeks it's been here. First off, some undyed Knitpicks roving. 2 plied. Bulky weight.

Next, some aqua blue dyed Corriedale, 2 plied, also bulky weight. I got about 150 yards total from 4oz.

This was an experiment in combining colours. Corriedale roving in golden brown and a cornflower blue. Both spun as singles then 2 plied together. Weight is Bulky again. I got 260 yards out of the two 4oz rovings.

I'm still working on getting something thinner than bulky. It seems to fluff up some when it takes a bath to set the twist. 

Now I'm dreaming of buying a fleece in the Spring (shearing season) as purchasing roving off Etsy is proving to be expensive (I can spin/ply 4oz roving per weekend!).

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